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10 12 726 . . airport 1 chittenden reservoir 10x20 10x20 nice height. playful skyfellows. skier 10x25afterglow 11x14 largest. fauxwatercolor 11x14 max. april 12x12 max. originally taken from a bad shot of my face. 12x16an 16x10 16x20 16x20 . third nightcap 16x20 8x10 16x20 for framing. gold 16x20 gulls wading 16x20 or 8x10 crop 16x20 or 8x10 for custom framingirregular size 16x20 or 8x10. scene 16x20 shop 16x20 up to 27 inches picture componentthird nightcap. abstract 16x20' fauxwatercolor. fantasy 16x20. 16x20. abstract. orange 16x20. bw 16x24. suggest crop so that no faux margin shows 18 12 18x12 including 14 inch matte. red barn 18x24 or larger. scrimage 18x24 with faux matte. scrimmage. soccer practice 2 scene 20 wide. too 20x20 700kb 20x20. 25x10 2x3 3rd 3rd movement. 16x20. abstract 8 x 10 or 16x20 with margin.scene 8x10 8x10 10 x 25. scene 8x10. 8x10. scene 8x10. vietnam 8x12 or 16x24. field 9x16 9x16no aakillington abstract abstract. abstract. green gold abstract. orange abstract. yellow gold. abstractfantasy. man stained glass add a descriptionlivak farm add a descriptionred barn add a descriptionrutland town add a descriptionscene afterglow from camel's hump afternoon aging beauties airport. american flag an be rotated 4 ways. and many other figures androgenous animal animals antiques any april morning aqua aquatic at auto autumn autumn kayaker autumn leaves ava balloons ballycarton bamboo barn barns barred window barred. bars. fantasy. woman bars bay be beach bear right. blue bearshaped cloud. blue bearshaped. see nice height beige beigne faux matte. railroad bending beneath birds black black and white black and white beige. road. water color faux. black and white. laundry. bw black white. black. black. derived from just a dream blondered blue blue green. abstract blue sky. 12x18 with faux matte. blue sky. 16x20 with faux matte. blue white blue white. blue. blue. dandelions blue. fantasyabstract. blue. pink. 20x20 blue. pittsford blueberry hill blueframed boat books boom border boy brandon brandon vt brandon vt mcconnell road brandon vt vermont green foliage brick brick walls. sg brick. grey. bricks bridge brown brown leaves brown seaweed. brown. cap. granite. cut for 10x10 or 10x20 brown. fanciful brown. maine. usa brown. rural bubbles buck buckets but no discernible difference. bw bw. cairn calf call camel's camel's hump vt vermont camelcarmel canoe canyon cape bretton cape cod cat drinking champlaine chartreuse chesterfield chesterfield nh chesterfield nh 18x12 crop. chesterfield nh. without custom frame chesterfieldnh child children chittenden embers chittenden reservoir chittenden reservoir. blue chittenden reservoir. rutland co. chittenden vt church steeple city clarenden clarendon clarendon gorge near vermont cliffs cloud clouds cluttered and too much blue of jeans coins colin colonial color. colored stones colt mother computer generated converse copper corn field corn stalks could could be poster.fall wall. abstract country road. edit 8x10 couple reading cow cream creek crop crop 10x25. fisherman cropped cropped 10x25 aflame cropped 10x25 by road cropped 10x25 farm in the flame cropped 10x25 farm in the flame ii cropped 10x25 october cropped 10x25 river cropped 10x25 water cropped 11x14 probably largest for this resolution. lake cropped 11x14 with picture 9x6 best resolution liverpool ns lighthouse cropped 16x 20 8x10 . white dog cropped 16x20 8x10 could be used up to 5 ft the beending cropped 16x20 8x10 farm in the flame cropped 16x20 by road cropped 16x20 self portrait at 5 a.m. cropped 16x20. just swimming by cropped 4x3needs that ratio. mostly green custom danby dandelions dark green faux matte. railroad daughter day5 deeper deer dep dep. vermont digitally enhanced photo dinghy dirt road dirty road disappearing boys dogs don mcintyre dreamlike drive dscf0778 dscf2339 dscf8504 economy 2008. pink emerald exended extended layover. 16x9 extension exterior face fall fall8x12 fantasy fantasy. fantasy. 16x20 8x10. for larger pictures darker. bars fantasy. 4direction hangable. blue fantasy. groundhog fantasy. red fantasy. vermont. rutland town fantasyabstract. andy fantasyabstract. wolf farm.. farmhouse faux border faux frame faux matte faux matte offwhite. black fauxwatercolor field field. figurate figurate. computer generated figure figures fingers firebird first warm sunday fish fishing fl flame water flowers flowers. foliage foliage. foot. formerly bonfire fort fountain foux matte frame frame 1 frame 1. scene frame. frame2 frame3 frame4 framed fran's friends fright ft. gap of dunloe geese gerdon's girl gogh gold gold person gold red gold. golldenrod good good for about 20 inches wide. leaf gorge grace church grass gray green green bench green blue green brown green grey green mountains green mountains mts green mountains rust green mountains. green mountains. vermont vt green mts. mountains green orange green rive green river morning green river vt green white green. green. abstract. somewhat. green. gold. green. grass green. pico. green. pittsford green. scene green. vietnam grey grey brown grey faux matte. railroad grey gray grey view mountaintop. grey weatherbeaten barn grey. grey. faux water color greyishblue grove gulf of mexico gull gulls gulls. harry hat hat. yellow hathaway farm hatter hawk hay heifer hiker hill hmong home hot air hotair balloons hudson hugh's hump i idea. blue ii 16x20 ii gull iii impressionistic impressionistic. impressionistic. red in in which case it will not be 16x24. inch inscrutable inscrutable 1 people inscrutable 3 inside the midnight cloud interior inverted iprobably ireland island isle iv jacksonville state road joyride joyride. abstract kids killarney killington kim lady lake lake champlain lake champlain vtimage for 16x20 is 17 x12.254 for mounting this image ligtened and intensified from the first printing. scene p1030068 lamb lamp landscape landscape. latch. lavendar. 8x10 lavender layover. le leaf least lefferts pond lefferts pond. light blue light blue. viewer lightning little girl blonde. christmas long mackinley maelstrom magenta magenta.canada.16x20 maine man manwoman. maple maple sugaring maple tree maple tree tapped marine market maroon marsh. master mcintyre mcintyre homestead. sammy 1962lough foyle in distancegreen mckinlay avenue. green. grey meadow meadow 7 meyers midnight mill river mirror mirror ii mirror. mist montreal moon night morning mountain mountain. chittenden reservoir mountains mountains. mountaintop mountaintop morning moutain. movement moving. movt mrs mrs. m. hatter. abstract mts. mud road mushroom cloud mustard nanny native navy neptune nh.. as is 12x18. grey nha nice height. skier nonsense north north clarendon vt green north clarendon. 8x12 northern ireland northern ireland. photo taken 1962. black and white nova scotia ny. barn. outhouse. boat. obeisance. scene ocean ocean city nj. offered ogunquit river okay ol' blue eyes old barn old lady old man old orchard road olive on on liberty only optical illusion orage orange orange fence orange gold red barn orange pink orchard orchard rd. orchestra outing outof the mist. historical reenactment. blue p1000203theworldbeyond p1000230 p1000480mirrorv8 rotate if it moves square. abstract p1000480mirrorv8. 20x20 abstract. blue p1000506 p1000560 p1000574 p1000822 p1000822pat4 p1000851 p1000891rhett5 suitable for 12x18 or larger. peopleperson. face. straw hat p1000891rhett6 person. woman p1000891rhett7 p1010056windingroad p1010090meethoneylamb p1010090meethoneylamb3 8x10 p1010090meethoneylamb4copy 16x20. lamb p1010090meethoneylamb5. scene p1010251 p1010251through p1010497 p1010507meadowsq2 p1010653 p1010658 p1010710 p1020303shushanrr p1020303shushanrr3 p1020880 p1030166 p1030605 scene p1030733 p1040051 afterglow camel's hump 8 scene p1040051afterglowcamel'shump7 p1090101_2_2cropped 10x25 patty's people people white people. people. scene people. scene. water. 8x10 person phone pickup pico pink pittsford pittsford vermont vt green forest pittsford vt pittsford vt. hession. portrait pratice probably 14 wide is maximum for clear picture. horses on creek road profile prospect hill rd. puddle pur purple purple mts purple. not for color blind. qc qccropped quinn quinn vt. heifer r vt railroad cars and track.cropped 10x15 rainstorm rd. recommend red red barn red homebarn red house red sweater red. reddend a bit to counteract graying of printing at smugmug. smiles added. edit. abstract. hidden figures. fantasy. colin mcintyre reflection reservoir reservoir chittenden vermont vt rest stop richer colors gold ridge ripples river river in the morning rivulet road road countryside road countryside autofixed exposure with picnik rock rocks roofs rope rose rose. rose. square rowboats rr rufous run russell rust rutand vt rutland rutland city rutland co rutland co. rutland co. gold rutland co. green rutland co. mckinlay rd. green rutland co. vt rutland county rutland town rutland town vt rutland town vtfoliage rutland vt rutland vt. rutland vt. violet rutlandco sailboat sailboat on sandbar sailor salmon sand sand. sans matte 2 sap scene scene. scene. 16x20. barn. grey scene. blue. scene. hay scene. see other version for larger pictures joyride v scene. vt vermont 16x20 or 8x10. screen scrimmage sea searching seascape sene sheep sheep barn sheep by field sheep smiling. barn. portrait sheep. ship fishing. should be good up to poster size. fall wall. autumn should work up to 20 horizontal. hathaway farm shoulder sidetracked siesta key silo silver. size size. ski trails ski trails. faux frame. scene skirt sky skyline slamo slamon color. slip smugmug snarling snow snow geese snow. pine snowy day soaring soccer soccer. son also by don mcintyre abstract. fantasy son also by don mcintyre. fantasy. abstract soor southern vermont route 100 2 winter square square 12x12 or 16x20 and then trimmedmax. blue square. green square. probably dark blue frame best. this edition is brightened and contrasted more for larger works. lustre. can rotate this 4 ways for variety. can be hung as pair with duplicate of itself rotated. square. scene st. jean sur richelieu stalks stargazer steer steet stone wall stonewall straw study style. sugar sugar shack sugaring summit sun sun bathers sunday drive. abstract. fantasy. violet sundaymorningivcopy use this for larger pictures darker sunrise sunset sunset sea orange surf surfers. 16x20 or 8x10 tampa to albany. clouds tampa to atlantic city with mom. clouds tan tan white telephone poles than thatched cottage 16x20 the best of this series. the call think third this is 18x12 this is now total 8x10 this is the home where my great grandfather lived in ballycarton three rowboats tilted barn wall to tom brown town track trades trading trang tree tree by the road trees trees. mountains truro ma tub un bel di un bel di. sky up up to 10x10 maximum size. abstract. fantasy. horsehead. magenta v van van gogh style variant. vemront vermont vermont 2011 vermont vt vermont vt after the storm. vermont. vermont. blue vermont. brown vermont. faux watercolor. vermont. green vermont. mother version version 10x25. mist version bl version frame 3 version. 16x20 version. grey vi vietnam view from plane window viewable fro 4 sides. pink viewer violet vs. vt vt corn vt killington. scenery vt vermont vt vermont. vt. vt. leaf waiting water water. water. blue water. use this version for larger 20 pictures. scene. rutland co. vemront waterfall waterfall. scene. apple 8x10 max. can michael get morewith border waves weathered barn. white birch weathering wells vt which is darker when enlarged. vermont whirlpool. blue whirls white white birch white cloud white ilo white red white. white. animals white. curtains. scene. ireland. window. interior white. pittsford vt white. scene. rutland co. vt clarendon . mill river wide wider vertical margins. crops well in 10x20 12.95. ordered 8510 window window. lock windows windshield. winter fields woman woman. rhett. women wood wood. barn. wool yellow yellow. abstract yellowgold. you young man