Donald McIntyre (DonMcIntyrePhotoArt)

Here I am where I'm happiest--the Vermont mountains. There's much more to life than mountains, but, rain or shine, summer or winter, I seldom find an unhappy soul on the slopes and peaks.

Over the years I've been extremely fortunate to have roamed widely, taking pictures that in my early days were unadulterated scenery and lately have been massively Photoshopped, some to the point of abstraction. In fact, some of my favorite photo-art stems from fooling with horrible pictures taken when the camera went off accidentally hanging at my side ("Beending") or open-lensed on my car's passenger seat where I threw it climbing in from a downpour ("Boom") or when I messed up on a long outside moonlit exposure taken from my bedroom window sill ("April Morning").

I still love trying to capture the natural beauty of a scene of nature or of people, but when I miss the mark, sometimes the color content and composition, already present or considered possible with digital manipulation, prompts me to experiment. That's why I call my work "photo art," although "photo fun" might be more appropriate and alliterative. Could a serious artist possibly have this much fun?


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